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MAXDEN manufactures patented
Air-Tight Rubbish Chute Hoppers

The most common complaint about rubbish chute hoppers is that cockroaches and foul odours could infiltrate into the residential apartments, thus contaminating it with germs, mold, bacteria and other invisible undesirables.

MAXDEN has solved this problem!
It has incorporated a patented, self-sealing,
magnetic-pneumatic gasket into its hopper design.
This Air-Tight rubbish chute hopper will shut out cockroaches
during fumigation.


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PSB - approved 1 hr fire-rating -
Tested to Singapore standard ISO 3008: 1976, BS 476 part 22:1987 -
Stainless steel hairline finish -
Air-tight, self-closing -
3 years warrantly -

Tel : 6278 3552
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