MAXDEN Seals Stainless steel Rubbish Chute Hopper seal out Roaches
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Sealed Stainless steel Refuse Chute/ Rubbish Chute Hopper offers best protection


Singapore's rubbish chute hopper
seals out cockroaches during fumigation


Open Stainless steel Refuse Chute/ Rubbish Chute Hopper

Cockroaches and foul odors are a complaint with rubbish chute hoppers.
Most common, foreign or cheap refuse chute doors do not seal and
allow fumigation gases, poisons, and bugs to enter and contaminate your home.

MAXDEN Solves This Problem

Our local and self-sealing design features a pneumatic-magnetic gasket
so the refuse hopper shuts and seals out cockroaches during fumigation.

Seals out Cockroaches and Foul Odors during Fumigation


- 3 year warranty
- Sealing gasket door
- Patented in 2000
- Airtight seals during fumigation
- Magnetic rubbish chute door seal
- Singapore's own manufacture
- Professional guaranteed install
- 20 years of experience & quality
- Stainless steel hairline finish
- Corrosion resistant material
- Standard ISO 3008 certified

Featured in Lian He Zao Bao newspaper


- Customers reorder for remodel
- 20 years of Quality: Since 2000
- Check out independent reviews
- Featured in Lian He Zao Bao
- Happy families give referrals



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